An artist presenting LORD SHRINATHJI with all grandeur from a decade

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Artist Anita Sukhwal is well experienced and master in making painitngs of Lord Shrinath ji, she adopted painting as her hobby and has now completed a decade in the field of painting, from last 10 years she is making paintings of LORD SHRINATH ji (The Holy place of the divinity form of Lord Krishna and is the presiding central deity of the Vaishnava sect known as Pushtimarg at Nathdwara, Rajasthan India) and have made painted Shrinath ji in almost every form of painting.

Her paintings are handmade on Canvas & Reverse Glass. For creating a mesmerizing effect, she use pure gold foil, jerkins, diamonds, decorative laces, kundan, salowood, sparkel colours, gold colours, etc. that adds hint of reality in paintings.



Out of her 10 years wonderful collection of paintings the prized possession is “SHRINATHJI LED 3D PAINTING”. Its an exclusive new hand-made painting of Lord Shrinathji on Canvas, made by Pearl & acrylic color. The painting is decorated with beautiful gems and original decorative items are used for giving a near life-like Shringaarvarti effect to the painting. This 3D painting is inspired by the real Shringaars of the Lord.



Her paintings are in the proud possession of many art lovers all over India as well as abroad and some of the popular personalities like Birju ji Maharaj, Minister Mr. C.P. Joshi, Poetess Prabha Thakur, Aandee Tripathi (Gujarati Actress) have appreciated her skills in painting of Shrinath ji.

Ms. Anita SukhwalYou can also find her paintings in popular exhibitions, hotel reception, and at many other popular tourist places in Udapiur, Anita believes in imparting her knowledge to others by training young girls and boys in this artwork, Tanjor Gold work, mirror etchings and 3D Paintings are among its popular subjects in painting.

Later Anita started painting on cloth using decorative laces, gold color etc, and with time moved on Glass painting, reverse glass painting using mirror etchings, kundan art from Silver, Canvas art and gradually started making LED PAINTINGS. Now she have switched to computerized artwork for a effective, exclusive and adorable paintings of lord Shrinath ji.

at ahmdabad exibiiiiiiition with pankajji goswamiji

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