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If you take home a stone and worship it in full faith, over a course of time you are bound to see the image of Ganesh.

|| वक्रतुंड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समःप्रभा, निर्विघ्नं कुरुमेदेव सर्वकार्येशु सर्वदा ||
Bohra Ganesh Ji Temple is amongst the most famous temples of Udaipur. It is hundreds of years old, was established under the rule of Maharana Mukul Singh Ji and is situated near Mohanlal Sukhadia University. From geometrical perspective this temple has a hemispherical dome shaped structure at the top and has a standing statue of Lord Ganesha.
The fascinating fact behind the name of the temple ‘Bohra Ganesh Ji Temple’ is – hundreds of years ago, Lord Ganesha used to lend money to his devotees for holy purposes like Business, Marriage etc. and devotees used to return the amount with interest to Lord Ganesha. This lending of money in local language is called Bohra and so is the name.

Wednesday is considered as the day of Shree Ganesh Ji and the temple is highly crowded. During the days of Ganesh Chatturthi, the temple has a festive scene. Devotees from all over the world visit this temple in complete faith and Bohra Ganesh Ji shower his blessings upon them by fulfilling all their wishes. Devotees hold a special relationship with Bohra Ganesh Ji as they have experienced miracles in their everyday life.

Bohra Ganesh Rd,
Ganesh Nagar
MLSU University/td> Wednesday


In India, every holy work is initiated by worshipping and seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

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