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Online Helpline Portal for Admissions in any courses in Udaipur

| June 12, 2016 |

RK Student Helpline have recently launched their online portal i.e. an online student’s helpline portal providing all necessary information related to admissions and academics. Udaipur which has been recently listed under first phase of smart city is also a growing hub of education in rajasthan, India and the craze of studying in udapiur is […]

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Desert Rockk’s 2nd music album, “ZAKHM” ‘for people who have missed their loved ones

| June 5, 2016 | ,

Udaipur the city of lakes, listed among the beloved tourist destinations in the World, beautiful tourists spots, jaw dropping hotels, education institutes and many other things makes this place one of the finest cities in India and World as well. Talking about the youth of this city is always found doing something creative every next […]

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Benefits of taking admission via consultancy over direct admission, Must Read article for 10th & 12th Students

| May 14, 2016 | ,

As its a peak time for the students to plan their future goals, their one right decision would lead them to a quality life forever, so it is very much necessary and very critical for every individual to make a correct choice of its graduation course and college. Its not necessary that only an engineer […]

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How creatively a Punjabi artist replaced original Maharana Pratap Statue from his Sketch

| May 9, 2016 |

UDAIPUR, the city of lakes or the Venice of east, no tagline will ever be enough to actually define the beauty of this place. It offers numerous places for the tourists and localities to enjoy the feast of nature through naked eyes. One such place of Udaipur is Moti Magri or the Pearl Hill, as […]

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ग्लास फैक्ट्री क्षेत्र में, आइस फैक्ट्री में अमोनिया गैस का रिसाव, मची अफरातफरी

| April 28, 2016 |

चार घंटे की कशमकश के बाद पाया रिसाव पर काबू, क्षेत्रवासियों की फैक्ट्री को आवासीय क्षेत्र से हटाने की मांग उदयपुर । गुरूवार शाम शहर के प्रतापनगर थानाक्षेत्र के ग्लास फैक्ट्री क्षेत्र में रवीन्द्र नगर के पास स्थित एक बर्प* पे*क्ट्री में लगा पेकिंग सेपरेटर खुल जाने से अमोनिया गैस का रिसाव होने पर क्षैत्र […]

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महानायक अमिताभ बच्चन ने उदयपुर में बिताये अपने 13 मिनट में लोगो को किया मंत्रमुग्द

| April 24, 2016 |

सरजमीने लेकसिटी पर सदी के महानायक अमिताभ को देखने भीड जुटी उदयपुर, 24 अप्रेल। ‘अरे दीवानों मुझे पहचानो-कहां से आया मैं हूं डॉन’ की धुन के बीच सदी के महानायक आठ साल बाद लेकसिटी की सरजमी पर आए। अमिताभ मंच पर तीन मिनट रूके और 13 मिनट में अभिवादन, उद्घाटन व अवलोकन कर मुंंबई के […]

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| April 19, 2016 | ,

Today at ASHOKA PALACE, Udaipur group ‘M’ organised a stunt show named MOUNTAIN DEW DAY OF DARES STUNT SHOW. Three stunt men displayed an thrilling stunt show in udaipur where TAUFIQ JAFARI and SUSHIL MORE both performed stunts on modified bajaj pulsar 220 and another Stun man SAYYED AKRAM performed stunts on a Bmx bike. […]

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Personal Women Grooming Workshop Succesfully Conducted at Edu Wings

| April 10, 2016 |

Gangour festival was celebrated in a unique way EduWings, Udaipur. A Personal Grooming Workshop for women was conducted Workshop was conducted by Mrs India, Talented queen of substance, Dr. Preeti Solanki. Dr. Preeti conducted the workshop with a small batch of approx 15 ladies. She shared her own story which was bit inspiring. The women […]

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आर. के. स्टूडेंट हेल्पलाइन द्वारा एडमिशन प्राप्त कर मनमानी फीस वसूली से बचे

| April 3, 2016 | , ,

उदयपुर | जैसे की आप सभी जानते है अप्रैल, मई व जून इन तीन महीनो में एडमिशन का माहोल रहता है, 10वि व 12वि पास विद्यार्थी अच्छे कोचिंग इंस्टिट्यूट या महाविद्यालय की खोज में दिन रात एक कर देते है, लेकिन कई बार इतनी महनत करने के बावजूद उन्हें धोकाधडी का शिकार होना पड़ता है, […]

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| April 1, 2016 |

After playing an excellent tournament Kholi astonished as he didn’t find his team into the finals. It was a stone on his heart that he couldn’t bear even after scoring 273 runs in the whole tournament so he decided to quit. YES this is true people wont see Kholi’s flicks and twists anymore. A sad […]

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