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The city palace is one of the major and significant landmarks of Udaipur. It is situated at the side of Lake Pichola covering a UdaipurInsights.comlarge area facing eastwards. It was built over duration of 400 years, commenced by the king Maharana Udai Singh II of the sisodia rajput clan. The construction started in 1559 and was completed in the 18th century. The façade is said to extend 244 meters in length and 30.4 meters in height; the entire complex is the largest in Rajasthan.

The king Arvind Singh Ji Mewar with his Son Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar resides in the palace; some parts of the palace are open for public/tourists as a significant sight seen spot.


• In the reign of Maharana Udai Singh the palace was built with the establishment of the city of lakes, Udaipur.
• Mahrana Udai Singh II chose the site of city palace for his new kingdom as it was protected by forests, lakes and Aravali hills from all
• As per a legend, it’s said that one hermit advised Maharana Udai Singh the site where the should be made during Mharanas’s hunting trail.


The palace is a perfect amalgamation of Mughal and Rajasthani architectural styles with a hint of European and Chinese architecture. The City Palace complex has eleven small separate palaces which are entirely built in granite and marbles.
All the structures have eye-catching and majestic architectures, with interiors comprising of several “jharokhas” or balconies, towers, domes, that display unique and intricate glass and mirror work, marble work, murals and beautiful wall paintings with evident silver work.

The structures inside the palace can be listed as follows:

Gateways known as “Pols” are an important piece architecture at the palace, the “Pols” are majestic and provide access inside the palace. “Bara Pol”(great gate) is the main gate, besides this there is “Tripolia”(triple arches gate) and “Hathi Pol”(elephant gate).
Amar Vilas; it is a garden and is the uppermost court of the palace. Amar Vilas provides entry to the “Badi Mahal” or the great palace.
Badi Mahal; the great palace is also known as the Garden Palace which is situated 27 meters high and is a natural rock formation.
Bhim Villas; it has fabulous paintings on the life of Radha-Krishna.
Manak Mahal; also known as Ruby palace has figures of crystal.
Krishna Vilas exhibits miniature paintings, Moti Mahal is known for its beauty and décor while Sheesh Mahal is known for its mirror work.
Chini Chitrashala has Chinese artwork; Choti chitrshala also has artwork. Further Dilkhusha Mahal(palace of joy) is known for its beautiful murals and wall paintings.
• Besides theses, there are Mor chowk (glass mosaics of peacock), Krishna Vilas and laxmi Vilas chowk.
Fatehprakash Palace and Shiv Niwas Palace have now been converted into heritage hotels. Fatehprakash Place has the very famous “Crystal Gallery”
• The “Zanana Mahal”(Ladies chamber ) is a museum now which is open for public as well.

Not to miss out the Crystal Gallery

While the entire City Palace complex an exquisite ambiance, the “Crystal Gallery” outshines all and is a major tourist attraction. It consists of crystal chairs, dressing tables, sofas, beds, crockery, table fountains which were never used. A jewel studded carpet is the main attraction. The Crystal Gallery is situated in the Fatehprakash Palace.

Additional Information:

• Place category: historical place
• Access: can easily be approached by road, taking rickshaws, taxis etc.
• Nearest Landmark: Jagdish Temple

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