8 things that show you have a child alive in you: Happy Children’s Day

| November 14, 2016 |

aarsh agrawal

It’s funny that we humans have been divided into seven ages of life, as once quoted by Shakespeare. So before “sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything”, don’t let you daily routine kill that giggling child in your heart, hopping every now and then to touch the sky. So just to check if that child is still alive in you, we have put down some common proofs:

• Passing by your old school, it’s not just the friends that happen to hit your memory lane but the swings that held u tight and the scariest punishments you have ever got.

• You and your childhood gang had a self discovered game that had kept you busy almost every evening. We had something called dabba gol just a modified form of hide and seek, another one hopped up with another game, a modified form of ‘pithu’. So what was yours, that still happens to be a craving in you?

• You had your favorite dish and the same remains in your list till date. Especially if you have left that childhood city, every time you hear the city’s name, that dish’s smell enters in your nostrils from your memories. Love for “Rabri, kadhi-pakoda, pyaaz ki kachori”.

• Seeing a cycle makes you go back in old school days, and all those cycle races just freshens up in the memory lane.

• Your childhood friends are still one of those closest friends in your list, and some dirty secrets are still being used against them.

• Your Childhood crush, this is something most of us had, and especially that un-spoken crushes. Though you have settled well in some corners of the world, but even today that chilling wave runs in your spine to have a short chit-chat with your crush. And all those things that you had actually done to be around your crush.

• Even today talking to the strictest teacher or the principal is a task of bravery.
So, even if your days go in earning tons of money or settling down a new business or doing anything else for your living, don’t let that child die, who wishes to grab that ice cream, play all those childish pranks, at times playing Mario or Contra can also be fun. Truth sustains that neither money nor spening money can buy deep satisfaction that looking at old pictures can. So live your life to its fullest, be thankful to those good old days, as many of them lack it.

written by
Shweta Rathore

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