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“जय जगन्नाथ जिनका नाम हैं, पुरी जिनका धाम हैं, ऐसे भगवान को, हम सब का प्रणाम हैं।”

Jagdish Temple is one of the most famous temples of Udaipur which is known for its religious culture, historical facts and ancient architecture. This temple is more than 400 years old, 125 feet in height and is the largest temple of the city which makes its identity unique and memorable. This temple is located in the city palace complex of Udaipur.

This temple has beautiful and magnificient architecture of Indo- Aryan style as a reason of which, this temple is the major attraction for tourists from around the world. This temple has an idol of Lord Vishnu which is carved out of a single black stone. People from around the world visit this temple in large number. This is believed that all their wishes, dreams and aspirations come true by seeking the blessings of Lord Jagan Nath Ji.

This temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Jagan Nath Ji (Lord Vishnu) and was built by Maharana Jagat Singh Ji. Honourable Maharana Jagat Singh Ji had deep faith in Lord Jagan Nath Ji. Everyday Maharana Jagat Singh Ji used to take his food only after visualizing the auspicious sight of Lord Jagan Nath Ji. To have this auspicious sight of Lord Jagan Nath Ji, he used to walk to Puri. Once when Maharana Jagat Singh Ji visited Puri, the temple was closed for 15 days. Due to this, Maharana Jagat Singh Ji did not take food for 15 days. Then Lord Jagan Nath Ji appeared in his dream and instructed him to build a temple in his own city and then this temple was constructed.

This temple has a festive season during Rath Yatra. In Rath Yatra, the devotees march through the whole city carrying the idol of Lord Jagan Nath Ji on their shoulders. The city stays highly crowded during this tenure.


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