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‘Kumbh Fair’ is the most eminent festival of the eternal culture. It is said that the ‘Kumbh Fair’ is the greatest among all the fairs. Nasik Kumbh, too, is similar to nectar in itself.


The place of organising ‘Kumbh Fair’ festival depends upon the Aquarian position of the Sun (of the zodiac) and the Jupiter. When the Sun falls in the Aries and the Jupiter in the Aquarius, the ‘Kumbh Fair’ is celebrated at Haridwar and when the sun falls in Capricorn, it (‘Kumbh Fair’) is then organised at ‘Prayag’. When the Aries and the Sun falls in Scorpio, the ‘Kumbh Fair’ then makes its way to ‘Ujjain’. On the contrary, when the Aries, Jupiter and the Sun falls in Leo then the ‘Kumbh Fair’ is organised at Nasik. ‘Kumbh Fair’ is celebrated with utter ostentatiously. It is said that about six crore of devotees, with a view of getting rid from their respective sins and attain virtue in life, take a dip in the holy ‘Godawari River’. The ‘Kumbh Fair’ at Nasik is celebrated once in every twelve years.


It is a mythological grandeur that at the time of Sea Brainstorm (Samudra Manthan) when Lord Vishnu, along with the nectar, took off from the earth towards the heaven, some drops of it (nectar) fell in Godawari river at Nasik. This is the reason, for which, the Hindus treat ‘Nasik’ as a holy place. ‘Kumbh Fair’ is celebrated with utmost sanctity and keenness. The devotees and the travelers, with a view of getting rid from their respective sins, take a dip in holy Godawari. There are two reservoirs namely ‘kushvarta’ and ‘Ramkund’ in Nasik where devotees take bath with utter faith and belief. Appropriate arrangements are made during ‘Kumbh Fair’ on behalf of the administration, voluntary organisations, saints and the devotees. During ‘Kumbh Fair’, many people operates various kinds of projects for public welfare.

India Maha Kumbh

‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’, Udaipur, too, play a vital role in this ’45 day’ celebration which is schedule to take place from 12th August to 25th September, 2015. During ‘Kumbh Fair’, the ‘Free of Cost’ corrective surgeries of polio affected (by birth) patients would also be conducted on behalf of the organisation. Arrangements have also been made to spread the message of spirituality by way of ‘live’ telecast through various television channels around the globe. ‘Helping Equipments’ like tricycles, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, blind sticks and hearing aids etc. would also be distributed ‘Free of Cost’ on behalf of the organisation among poor and the needy people. ‘Free of Cost’ lodging & boarding facilities would also be provided on behalf of the organisation to its donors and the respective patients. The presence of Founder – Chairman of ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’, ‘honorable’ Kailash ‘Manav’ during ‘Kumbh Fair’ would definitely make the royal bath and the grand procession to be taken out throughout Nasik city during ‘Kumbh Fair’ as joyful.



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Photo Courtesy: Narayan Seva Sansthan
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