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| October 1, 2015 |

Mr. Pankaj Dubey is a Novelist, Screenwriter and a filmmaker based out of Mumbai, and has recently listed as BEST SELLERS in Neilson Bestseller List 2014-15 for his novels ‘What a Loser‘ & ‘ISHQIYAPA‘.

He started his journey to promote his two novels with the; National launch of the Novel in Delhi on the 23rd later in Chandigarh, Kota, Chittorgarh, and today on 1st Oct he reached Udaipur to introduce his book among the students of Pacific University and share a healthy talk on the importance of Social Media and his journey so far.


In the evening he visited Fateh Sagar lake with the team members of #UI to make an official release of the all new online Tourism and Media portal for Udaipur >>; ‘Empowering Youth‘, ‘Enhancing Tourism‘ & ‘Exploring Udaipur‘ as the tagline suggests the portal is developed with a motive to build a strong, lucid and well categorized tourism portal for Lake City, Udaipur with complete details of ‘Restaurants’, ‘Hotels’, ‘Education’, ‘Business’, ‘Sight Seen’ & ‘Tourism Support’ presented in the best understandable hierarchy.

Along with it publishing all the latest updates, recent happenings and news of Udaipur makes this portal a complete and exclusive portal of the most beloved tourist destination in World, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Mr. Dubey found this portal very attractive and creative he loved the posts published so far and appreciated the concept of website, he was delighted after going through the website and promised he will be sharing some of his articles in near future.

He is on India tour and after Udaipur he will be moving to visit the southern, eastern and northern cites of the country.



We are sharing a small article about him and his novels so far.


Ishqiyapa both the covers

About the book
Love was not what they were looking for and yet they found it Sweety, the ill-tempered loudmouthed daughter of a local MLA, dreams of becoming a famous pop diva like Britney Spears.

Lallan is the Patna’s ‘Ambani in making’. He wants to start a ‘kidnapping insurance’ business. Their flickering dreams ignite like a flame when they meet! Sweety takes him to meet her father Kali Pandey, the in-house expert on kidnapping. And, in return, Lallan decides to help her fulfil her passion. Somewhere along the way, the plan does not remain simple and sweet!

Set in Patna and Bombay, this serpentine comedy of errors is the story of two young lovers caught in the Ishqiyapa of love and life.



From the keypad of author himself:
I’m Pankaj Dubey, Author-filmmaker, based out of Mumbai. I am in this part of country for the multi city launches of my latest title, Ishqiyapa- To Hell With Love (English) and Ishqiyapa ( in Hindi), Published by Penguin Books India.

This has probably happened for the first time in the history of Indian Publishing that the same author has written his Novel in two languages (English and Hindi) on the same theme. Neither of the work is a translation of the other. The Bestseller titles have been published by World’s biggest and prestigious Penguin Books India.

The following videos display the essence of his two books so far:

What a Loser


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