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Lake Pichola one of the most enchanting and picturesque lakes of Udaipur is Lake Pichola. Known for its undeniable scenic beauty, it is situated in the heart of the old city. Pichola is a fresh water lake and is the oldest lake in Udaipur, created in the year 1362 AD, named after a village Picholi. Taking up a large area, its length is about 4 km and width is 3 km with a depth of 8.5 meters. It has two main bridges; one which connects the old city to the other parts of the city and another which is only a pedestrian bridge.

Historical beliefs

• It is said that Pichola was built by gypsy or “Banjara” tribesman named Pichchu Banjara during the reign of Maharana Lakha.
• Prince Khurram also known as Shah Jahan, sought refuge in the then partially constructed Jag Mandir in a rebel against Jahangir.
Islands in Lake Pichola
There are four islands in Pichola;
• Jag Niwas, now known as Lake Palace is a world renowned heritage hotel and is adorned for its remarkable ambiance and beauty.
• Jag Mandir, is a palace of the same name and has tourists’ access through house boats, jets etc.
• Mohan Mandir, from here the king watches the festivities of Gangaur, annually.
• Arsi Villas, it is a small island made for the kings and princes to enjoy the sunset of the lake. It has now been converted into a sanctuary catering to a variety of flora and fauna.

Places surrounding the lake

City Palace:
Lake Pichola is surrounded by picture perfect – lush green hills, and a huge and majestic City Palace which is still a residence of the king, Arvind Singh Ji Mewar and his Son Lakshyaraj Singh Ji Mewar.
Apart from the City Palace, there are some of the most beautiful and hypnotizing heritage hotels that encompass the lake; namely The Udai Villas, Leela Palace, Ambrai.


There are Ghats along the either sides of the lake which are some of the most visited spots and attract a lot of tourists not only from India but also from other parts of the world. The Gangaur Ghat is the most famous of all, it is here where the annual Gangaur festival is held.

Things to go for at Pichola

• A hub to click, best destination for photography.
• Superb marketplace for antique things.
• Best hotels and restaurants with mesmerizing views.
• Gangaur boat and various boat rides.

Additional Information

Place category: hangout place, best for candle light dinner.
Access: can easily be approached by road, taking rickshaws, taxis etc.
Nearest landmark: Jagdish temple.
Best hours to visit: Lake Pichola will always leave you stunned by its beauty but the evening hours are the best.

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