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Pukaar – Voice of our Mother Earth
Basic meaning of Pukaar is a call. Here it is a call from crying mother earth to its children for saving its existence. Earth has fulfilled our every necessity for our existence, water to quench the thirst, food to blow out hunger and air to live but what we have given it in return? Immense pollution, Ozone layer depletion, deforestation what else? Ever we have thought to preserve its existence. Isn’t it our responsibility as children of Mother Earth to contribute our efforts to save it? Let us get unified and play constructive role to rebuild its elegance back.


Today team Pukaar has laid a great example amongst us on the ways to protect and balance the ecosystem of Earth. Let us learn something from them and idealize ourselves for providing a better, healthier and pollution free environment for future generation.

Pukaar is a group of students in the City of lakes – Udaipur with the mission to spread greenery everywhere and make the city as a hub of regional and ayurvedic trees to preserve the biodiversity and purify the surroundings.
Pukaar is an initiative taken by itsfounder Mr. BhuvneshOjha with a dream of scenic Earth. It’s never ending journey started on 10th March 2013, the day when Bhuvnesh started the work by gathering children from colony and planting a mango tree named ‘Astitva(means existence)’ in the colony. But Pukaar got its actual identification seven months later on 10th November 2013 when Bhuvnesh got support from his colony friends.They started their mission with green road dividers and therefore started planting tree saplings on the dividers of nearby colonies. They have planted more than hundred saplings on them.

The team of enthusiastic youth work mainly on Sunday’s. They wake up early in the morning and reach the spot which is planned in mid of the week. They basically work in three steps. Firstly they clean the spot by removing garbage and scoop out weeds and thorny bushes. Second is to dig a pit, mixing natural manure to the soil and plant a sapling. Most important step is to take care of each n every sapling like a mother. They regularly water them every third day.

After working on dividers team targeted the lifeless public parks and garden of the nearby colonies and societies. The status of those parks was very crucial since they were full of wild bushes and pit of garbage due to careless people living nearby. Team has converted the dirty faces of the park into tidy ones by completely cleaning them and planting different varieties of tree sapling in the parks for better bio-diversity. In the months of January to May they have transformed three park around their area.

On the occasion of World Biodiversity Day on 22nd May 2014 they planted different fruit tree saplings in the campus of IIM Udaipur on the invitation by the authority. On World Environment Day appeared on 5th June 2014 the whole team of 50 members cleaned a park and planted thirty saplings of mango, pomegranate, jamun, guava, papaya, palm etc. Recently members of the team have organized a Monsoon Planning Program of fifteen days in which they worked regularly from 23rd Juneto 9th July with a mission of making a public park free from stacks of quintals of garbage and planting regional tree saplings. They have planted approx. fifty regional and ayurvedic trees like Gular, Jackfruit, Sahtoot, Arjuna, Hathimathain different other parks in this event and will continue to do more plantation during the course of monsoon.

Pukaar was an initiative taken by a single person, but today it is a wide team of fifty members. Sapling of Pukaar has started growing and its roots has started spreading in the city. Till now they have planted elevan hundred saplings and motivated many students and people for growing trees around their homes. One more thing to wonder is that each member contributes fifty bucks to the team for purchasing equipment and saplings. They have put forward a small step for the progress of the nation by spreading a message of taking complete responsibility of our Mother Earth.

• पुकार संगठन द्वारा अब तक 10 नवंबर 2013 से अब तक 86 रविवार अपने उद्धेश्य के लिए समर्पित कर चुका है।
• अब तक 14 सार्वजनिक पार्को को मिलाकर कुल 18 से ज्यादा सार्वजनिक स्थानो की सफाई कर 700 से ज्यादा पौधे लगाए जा चुके है।
• इन सार्वजनिक स्थानो मे भारतीय प्रबंधन संस्थान-उदयपुर (IIM-U), मोहनलाल सुखड़िया यूनिवरसिटी से संबन्धित विज्ञान महाविध्यालय भी शामिल है
• पुकार टीम द्वारा शहर के विज्ञान महाविध्यालय मे मिनी-फॉरेस्ट का निर्माण किया जा चुका है।
• पुकार संगठन द्वारा नवंबर 2014 मे देश के प्रतिष्ठित लवली प्रॉफेश्नल यूनिवरसिटी- जालंधर मे अपने कार्यो का PPT द्वारा प्रदर्शन किया जा चुका है।
• टीम मे अब तक 250 से ज्यादा स्वयंसेवी जुड़ चुके है।
• टीम के कार्यो की 92.7 FM, राजस्थान पत्रिका, दैनिक भास्कर, टाइम्स ऑफ इंडिया इत्यादि द्वारा प्रशंसा की जा चुकी है।
• शहर के तत्कालीन जिला कलेक्टर आशुतोष पेडनेकर द्वारा भी टीम के उद्धेश्य की प्रशंसा की जा चुकी है। ( नवंबर 2014)
• टीम की सम्पूर्ण व्यवस्था युवाओ द्वारा ही की जाती है।
• पुकार संगठन युवाओ को socialmedia जैसे- facebook,twitter व instagram के जरिये जागरूक कर रहा है, जिनमे 5000 से ज्यादा नागरिक जुड़े हुये है।
• पुकार से प्रेरणा लेकर सीकर (राज॰) व दौसा (राज॰) मे भी प्रति रविवार पौधारोपण किया जाने लगा है।
• टीम को उदयपुर के युवराज श्री लक्ष्यराज सिंह मेवाड़ द्वारा भी सम्मानित की जा चुका है।
• जिला प्रशासन द्वारा संचालित एक्शन उदयपुर द्वारा भी पुकार के कार्यो की सराहना की जा चुकी है।
• टीम पुकार मॉनसून मे अपनी पहल मानवक हरीतिमा 2015 के तहत उदयपुर की प्राइवेट एवं सरकारी विद्यालयो के 1000 से ज्यादा विद्यार्थियो को अपने उद्देश्यों से जोड़ने के लिए प्रयासरत है।

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