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Saheliyon ki Bari also known as ‘Garden of the maids of honor’ is a marvelous and beautiful recreation center the old city of Udaipur. It is located in the northern part of the city on the banks of Fateh sagar lake. TheGarden of maids of honour is renowned for its remarkable ambiance which includes lush green lawns, lotus blossoms and flower beds, bougainvillea creepers, marble pavilions, ornamental pools, carved marble elephants, UdaipurInsights.combird fountains and kiosks surmounted by a dome in the center of the pool. The architecture of this garden is a perfect mixture of both – Indian and English style.


Saheliyon Ki Bari was built by Maharana Sangram Singh II in 18th century and he presented this garden to his queen. The queen along with the 48 maids, who were presented to king as a part UdaipurInsights.comof dowry on their marriage, used to spent their leisure time in this garden. The royal ladies used to enjoy their UdaipurInsights.compleasurable moments in this garden, away from the political intrigues of the court.

During the rule of Maharana Fateh Singh, flood occurred www.UdaipurInsights.comin Fateh sagar lake and damaged some part of the Saheliyon ki Bari but king reconstructed it to give the present

Facts and beliefs

This garden has a white marble chhatri fountain in the center and black marble chhatris at the There are  different types of fountains in the garden. Each fountain has its own unique design and also its own particular shower.

The Swagat fountain is emblematic of welcoming people into the area, the Kamal (lotus) talai is known for its lotus, the  Bin – Badal Barsaat (Rain without clouds) fountain is known for its rain like showers, the Sawan Bhandon fountain symbolizes the rains in the monsoon months, the Raas Lila fountain was a favourite of the Maharana, when he was in a romantic mood.These fountains are fed by the waters of Fateh Sagar Lake gushing through purpose-built ducts.

In the later years, Maharana Bhupal Singh really liked this place and built a pavilion of rain fountains. The thought was to form an www.UdaipurInsights.comillusion of rain dancing in cadence with dancing maids. The garden also has a museum which is a fascinating insight into royal households. It has many ancient pictures and things of the bygone period. These fountains were imported from

Don’t Miss

– Sight of stuffed cobras and other animals will definitely add a tint of adventure to your trip.

Places nearby

FS, Sukhaida Circle,

Additional Information

Good For: couples,
Duration: 10 – 15 minutes
Location: fatehpura

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