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Sukhadia Circle is the famous landmark in Udaipur and is popularly known as Sukhadia Square. It is a majestic round about Panchwati, in the northern suburb of UdaipurInsights.comthe city, the road to Ranakpur and Mount Abu.

Sukhadia Circle because of its astonishing beauty is the most popular place to hang out, rejuvenate oneself and to have stupendously splendid time. Sukhadia Circle is the most popular tourist vicinity of Udaipur.

Facts and Beliefs

Sukhadia Circle was named after┬áHonourable Sir Mohanlal Sukhadia who was a native of Udaipur, served UdaipurInsights.comas Chief Minister of Rajasthan for 17 and is also known as “Founder of Modern Rajasthan”. It was built in 1968 and was opened for public in 1970. It was constructed by City Development Board investing 8 Lakhs of Indian Currency.

Sukhadia Circle has many beautiful gardens and a pond. In the centre of the pond there is special fountain which is three tiered, made up of marble and 21 feet in height. At the top of the fountain , there is Wheat – Ear motif structure which emblematic of prosperity. This fountain is illuminated with lights of different colors during night which adds charm to its beauty. Your visit to Sukhadia Circle stays incomplete, if you have not the pleasure of boating in the duck shaped paddle boats.

Don’t Miss

Sukhadia Circle Food Court is the most crowded food joint in the whole Udaipur, Multiple food stalls providing variety of fast food dishes like Italian, Chinese, South Indian, Junk Food, Etc. Some of the all time favorite food options are Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Pau Bhaji, Baraf Gola (Ice candy) and many more.

Things to do around Sukhadia Circle

Experience the adventurous horse and camel ride.
Experience the pleasure of boating in UdaipurInsights.comduck shaped paddle boats.
There is also a food court zone at Sukhadia Circle where you can find tasty and UdaipurInsights.comaffordable fast food and junk food dishes.

Additional Information

Good For: All age category, Junk Food lovers.
Duration: 2 – 25 mins.
Address: Sukhadia Circle, New Fatehpura, Panchwati Road, Udaipur.

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