The most popular and tasty “Vada Pav” @ “Lok Kala Mandal” were sold at Rs 3/- someday

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This is the story of most famous and tasty ‘vada-pav’ served with ‘butter-milk’ since 2 decades in Udaipur. Mr. Mohan Singh Chundawat born at a small village Sisoda near Nathdwaraji (Rajasthan, India) was working as milk man in Mumbai where he met with a major accident and got his one leg fractured, his work in Mumbai involves a lot of walking task and because of the accident he was not able to continue as a milk man anymore and decided to come back to Udaipur and from here the journey of most tasty ‘vada-pav’ of Udaipur started.

In 1994 with one kg of potatoes and gram flour with homemade spices he started to sale vada pav and butter milk at Rs 3/- near Lok Kala Mandal, Udaipur however today the same vada pav is sold at Rs 10/- and Rs 5/- for a glass of butter milk, and the reason behind it as stated by Mohan ji is, the rise in price of food materials, gram flour which was available at Rs 12/- for one kg is now available at Rs 70/- and likewise rates of all other products have also raised but they are still maintaining the same taste and mouth watering spices which was served in 1994.


Mohan ji believes the reason behind the craze of their vada-pav among customers is their homemade spices and hygienic cooking materials, no red chili is ever used in their spices, and they use only green chili and black pepper whatsoever their costing may be they never compromise with the quality of their food materials. Butter milk is best enjoyed along with this vada pav like an icing on the cake.


Because of that accident it’s not possible for him to stand for a long time, and thus they are open only from morning to noon i.e. from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Mohan ji is a satisfied, happily married and loving person, he has two children and both are studying in the reputed English schools of Udaipur, his hospitality is also among the reasons behind the popularity of his vada pav stall.

If you are in Udaipur then we suggest you to once have breakfast at Mohan ji’ vada pav stall and don’t miss to take a glass of butter milk along with the vada pav.


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